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Panasonic (formerly Sunx) Chemical Resistant Thrubeam Fiber Cable

  • Ø5.5 mm diameter
  • Heat resistant to 115° C (239° F) 
  • 2 meter free cut cable

    FT-HL80Y Dimensional Drawing

    FT-HL80Y Dimensional Drawing

Fiber Cable Features
Product Type Chemical / oil-resistant type
Sensing Mode Thrubeam
Sensor Body Style Cylindrical smooth
Beam Sensing Direction End sensing
Threaded / Smooth Type Mounting Size Ø 5.5mm
Threaded / Smooth Type Mounting Length 25mm
Rectangular / Square Type Dimensions
Sleeve Type
Sleeve Diameter
Sleeve Length
Allowable Sleeve Bend Radius
Beam Axis Diameter Ø 3.7mm
Beam Axis Position / Inclination of Beam Axis ± 0.8°
FX-101 Series Red LED Amplifier Maximum Sensing Distance (mm) 990
FX-102 Series Red LED Amplifier Maximum Sensing Distance (mm) 2340
FX-300 Series Red LED Amplifier Maximum Sensing Distance (mm) 3500
FX-500 Series Red LED Amplifier Maximum Sensing Distance (mm) 2600
Distance to focal point for FX-500 / FX-100 Series
Diffuse Type Maximum Spot Diameter
Maximum Temperature Rating - Celsius 115
Temperature Range (Celsius) -40 to +115° C
Environmental Protection IP68G
Fiber OD (mm) Ø 2.2mm
Fiber Inner Core
Fiber Cable Bend Radius R30
Fiber Cable Length 2M
Cuttable / Non-Cuttable Cuttable type
Includes FX-AT3 translucent orange attachment for Ø2.2mm cuttable fibers, fiber cutter
Features 1.5M of PFA protected sensor head/fiber cable with bending radius of R30
Compatible with:
Application Chemical-Resistant

Panasonic FT-HL80Y Thrubeam Fiber Optic Cable - Chemical Resistant - Ø5.5mm Cylinder End Sensing - 2m R30 Cuttable Cable

Category:  Chemical / Oil Resistant Fiber Cables
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  • Part Number: FT-HL80Y
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  • $426.50
  • $392.38