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Panasonic (formerly Sunx) Chemical Resistant Fiber Optic Cable

  • Rectangular head - Side sensing
  • W7 X H15 X D13
  • SEMI S2 Compliant
  • 2 meter, free cut cable with R25 bending radius

    FT-Z802Y Dimensional Drawing

    FT-Z802Y Dimensional Drawing

Fiber Cable Features
Product Type Chemical / oil-resistant type
Sensing Mode Thrubeam
Sensor Body Style Rectangular
Beam Sensing Direction Side sensing
Threaded / Smooth Type Mounting Size
Threaded / Smooth Type Mounting Length
Rectangular / Square Type Dimensions W7 x H15 x D13
Sleeve Type
Sleeve Diameter
Sleeve Length
Allowable Sleeve Bend Radius
Beam Axis Diameter Ø 3.7mm
Beam Axis Position / Inclination of Beam Axis ± 0.8°
FX-101 Series Red LED Amplifier Maximum Sensing Distance (mm) 520
FX-102 Series Red LED Amplifier Maximum Sensing Distance (mm) 3100
FX-300 Series Red LED Amplifier Maximum Sensing Distance (mm) 3500
FX-500 Series Red LED Amplifier Maximum Sensing Distance (mm) 3600
Distance to focal point for FX-500 / FX-100 Series
Diffuse Type Maximum Spot Diameter
Maximum Temperature Rating - Celsius 60
Temperature Range (Celsius) 0 to +60° C
Environmental Protection IP68G
Fiber OD (mm) Ø 2.2mm
Fiber Inner Core
Fiber Cable Bend Radius R4 High-Flex
Fiber Cable Length 2M
Cuttable / Non-Cuttable Cuttable type
Includes FX-AT3 translucent orange attachment for Ø2.2mm cuttable fibers, fiber cutter
Features Sensor body encased with PFA covering. Fiber cable has 2m of cuttable PFA jacket, with bending radius of R30
Compatible with:
Application Chemical-Resistant

Panasonic FT-Z802Y Thrubeam Fiber Optic Cable - Chemical Resistant - Flat Rectangular Side Sense - 2m R4 High-Flex Cuttable Cable

Category:  Chemical / Oil Resistant Fiber Cables
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  • Part Number: FT-Z802Y
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  • $369.30
  • $339.76