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Check out some selected possible applications of Panasonic products engineered to improve your packaging processes. Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call and we can help you with your application needs. 800-280-6933.

Prevent Jamming of Packaging Materials

Prevent Jamming of Packaging Materials

It is recommended to prevent adhesion of contamination and dust, which can cause process defects, with the ER-X series, which provides airless, high-speed charge removal capability.


Work Positioning

Removing Dust During Instrument Panel Assembly

Ideal for positioning microplates, the distinctive features of the EX-L200 lasers include their high degree of directionality and visibility. Ultra-compact in size, yet provides high-precision detection performance.


Cleaning Bottles

Detection of Defective Connectors

Contamination inside bottles that will be used to hold medicines or cosmetics can have a significant negative effect on the quality of the product. The ER-VS02 can be used to eliminate static electricity inside the bottle by means of nozzle transport and prevent re-adhesion of the contamination.


Distinguishing Types of Containers

Distinguishing Differences in Parts

By using a wide beam fiber, stable sensing is possible because the incident light intensity varies according to differences in container size. FX-502 can make model distinctions using fewer sensor units and I/O points than that of a conventional setup by using external input and logical operation output and making distinctions by window comparator mode. This contributes to total cost reduction.

Material Handling Solutions
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Semicon Solutions
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