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Think Panasonic Sensors for laboratory automation solutions. We offer a variety of solutions for lab automation challenges, perfect for testing devices and liquid conveyance equipment.

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Detect Liquid & Air Bubbles
Solution: Panasonic BE-A
Optical Bubble / Gap Sensor
The BE-A series from Panasonic is an optical air bubble sensor that simply and easily connects to small diameter transparent tubes and monitors presence of liquid in the tube. When an air gap (bubble) is present the sensors' outputs will change state.
Liquid Level in a Pipe
Amplifier Built-In
Solution: Panasonic EX-F1
Pipe-Mountable Liquid Level Detection Sensors
Liquid/air (bubbles) can be detected simply by mounting the sensor onto the pipe. Also ideal for detecting when a liquid reagent or cleaning solution runs out.

* For tubes less than 4 mm 0.157 in in diameter and micro bubble detection, please contact us.
Detecting Chemical Solution Leaks
Detecting Chemical Solution Leaks
Amplifier Built-In
Leak Sensors
Even small liquid leaks can be detected simply by connecting the sensor. No sensitivity adjustment required. This compact and space-saving sensor can also be used in narrow spaces.

* For a list of liquids which can be detected, please contact us.
Work Positioning
Amplifier Built-In
Ultra-Compact Laser Sensor
Distinctive features of these lasers include their high degree of directionality and visibility. Ultra-compact in size, yet provides high-precision detection performance. Ideal for positioning microplates.
Other Work Position Solutions:
Ultra-Slim Photoelectric Sensor - 3.5mm Thick
Ideal for detection in test tube racks.
Ultra-Small U-Shaped Photoelectric Sensor
Ideal for detection of overrun & starting points in operating units.
Detect Liquid in Solution Bottle
Contact Liquid Level Detection Fiber & Digital Fiber Sensor
This sensor features a fluorine resin coated fiber head, and can be used for different types of solution. With a 1.5 mm (0.059 in) fiber head, the sensor can also be used for small bottles.
Static Control in Test Tubes & Microplates
Pulse AC Method
Solution: Panasonic ER-X
Area Ionizer for Static Control
This airless operating ionizer can eliminate static electricity on the target object without worry of volatilization of valuable reagents or dispersion of contaminants.
Other Static Control Solutions:
Compact Fan-Type Ionizer
Dispenser Nozzle Height Control
Solution: Panasonic HG-C
Micro Laser Distance Sensor
Achieving high-precision measurement to an order of 1/100 mm for greater precision performance than conventional adjustable range reflective sensors. This industry's smallest* sensor is also ideal for built-in installation.

* As of March 2014 (according to Panasonic data).
Operator Safety
Solution: Panasonic SF4C
Ultra-Slim Light Curtain - Type 4
This light curtain ensures safety by automatically stopping a line whenever a person is detected. The slim design (thickness 13.2 mm ( .520 in )) provides a wide machine opening and improved workability.
Semicon Solutions
Semicon manufacturing requires precision solutions and Panasonic has products that will improve that process. ...