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  • Panasonic HL-G105-A-C5 Laser Displacement Sensor - Standard Type - 50 ±10 mm Range - 1.5 µm Resolution - 0.5 x 1 mm Beam Diameter

Panasonic (formerly Sunx) Compact Laser Displacement Sensor With Red LED Digital Display
50mm +/-10mm measurement range, with 1.5micron resolution
CMOS image sensor with 0.5 x 1mm beam diameter
24VDC supply voltage, three independent outputs - NPN/PNP selectable
Four selectable sampling rates from 200micro seconds to 2ms
Analog output includes both 0 to 10VDC and 4 to 20mA
5 meter connection cable for hook-up

Measurement Specs
Category Type Laser Displacement Measurement
Sub-Category Type Sensor
Category Features Self-contained w/digital display
Sensing Mode Diffuse Spot Beam
Receiving Element CMOS image sensor
Features The built-in digital display makes it easy to perform sensor setting while checking displacement values. With three outputs, the HL-G1 can be used to generate HI / GO / LOW judgment output or alarm output. The analog output can be used in both current and voltage modes. Its lightweight resin body weighs 70 g approx., which can be installed on moving parts such as sliders and robot arms. Cable with superior flexibility is fitted as standard.
Detection Distance For Thrubeam and Contact Type
Repeat Accuracy For Thrubeam and Contact Type
Minimum Detectable Object
Diffuse Mode Measurement Center Distance 50mm
Diffuse Mode Measuring Range ± 10mm
Diffuse Mode Repeat Accuracy 1.5µm
Specular Mode Measurement Center Distance
Specular Mode Measuring Range
Specular Mode Repeat Accuracy
Sampling Rates 200µs, 500µs, 1ms, 2ms
Linearity ±0.1% F.S.
Temperature Characteristics ±0.08 % F.S./°C
Light Source Red semiconductor laser, Max. Output: 0.39mW, Peak emission wavelength: 655 nm
Laser Class Class 1 - FDA/IEC/JIS: Class 1
Beam Size 0.5 x 1mm
Supply Voltage 24 V DC ±10 % including ripple 0.5 V (P-P)
Current Consumption 100mA max.
Communication Details
Digital Output Configuration 3 each
Digital Alarm Output 1 each
Control Output NPN or PNP selectable
Analog Output - Voltage 0 - 10.5VDC (11VDC at alarm)
Analog Output - Current 3.2 to 20.8 mA (21.6 mA at alarm)
Inputs NPN/PNP Programmable - Multi-function input settable as: Zero set/set off, reset, memory switching, teaching, saving, and laser control according to the input time.
Output Operation Open when the output is ON.
Response Time
Protection IP67
Operating Temperature –10 to +45 °C
Material Enclosure: PBT, front cover: acrylic, cable: PVC
Connection Method 5 meter cable
Includes Warning Label Set

Panasonic HL-G105-A-C5 Laser Displacement Sensor - Standard Type - 50 ±10 mm Range - 1.5 µm Resolution - 0.5 x 1 mm Beam Diameter

Category:  HL-G1 Series - All-In-One Compact Laser Displacement Sensors
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  • Part Number: HL-G105-A-C5
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