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  • HL-AC1-CL
Panasonic (formerly Sunx) Calculation Unit For HL-AC1 Controllers
The Calculation Unit is connected between 2 controllers
Allows for Addition and Subtraction between laser Sensors
Typical applications Include Sheet Width Measurement
Measurement Specs
Category Type Collimated Laser Beam
Sub-Category Type Controller
Category Features
Sensing Mode
Receiving Element
Features The calculation unit (optional) just needs to be connected between the two controllers to enable calculations (addition and subtraction) to be carried out for two sensors. No digital panel controller is needed either.
Detection Distance For Thrubeam and Contact Type
Repeat Accuracy For Thrubeam and Contact Type
Minimum Detectable Object
Diffuse Mode Measurement Center Distance
Diffuse Mode Measuring Range
Diffuse Mode Repeat Accuracy
Specular Mode Measurement Center Distance
Specular Mode Measuring Range
Specular Mode Repeat Accuracy
Sampling Rates
Temperature Characteristics
Light Source
Laser Class
Beam Size
Supply Voltage
Current Consumption 12 mA or less (supplied from the controller)
Communication Details
Digital Output Configuration
Digital Alarm Output
Control Output
Analog Output - Voltage
Analog Output - Current
Output Operation
Response Time
Operating Temperature
Material Enclosure: ABS, Indicator part: Acrylic
Connection Method


Category:  HL-T1 Series - Ultrasmall Laser Thrubeam Sensors
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  • Part Number: HL-AC1-CL
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