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SF4D-H24 20mm Hand Protection Type

SF4D-H24 20mm Hand protection type

SF4D-H24 New Robust Enclosure Design

SF4D-H24 New Robust enclosure Design

New smaller internal component design allows for much larger case thickness

Newly Developed Digital Stability Light Indicator

Newly Developed Digital Stability light Indicator

The light incidence margin is indicated by the “stable light incidence indicator” and “digital indicator”. This function enables appropriate beam adjustment and work quality control during installation of the device. The indicators also show whether there is dirt on the detection surface or beam misalignment due to play. This enables the numeric display to be used for startup inspection and preventative maintenance.

Safety Light Curtain Specs
Type Compact/Robust Light Curtain
Category Type Type 4
Features The SF4D series features a slim and robust unit body (30mm x 30mm) and new high power optical system. The tough unit body prevents entry of liquids and dust. The new series ensures stable and reliable operation of safety light curtain even under hostile environments. Up to 5 units can be connected in series. Features setting software The handy controller with setting software allows visually intuitive operation providing powerful support to maintaining stable operation and troubleshooting by allowing the internal setup of the SF4D series product, collection of error history, planning of corrective measures and real-time monitoring of light incidence conditions.
Conforms to North American Standards ANSI/UL 61496-1/2 (Type 4),CAN/CSA C22.2 No.14, CAN/CSA E61496-1/2
Light Source Infrared LED
Effective Aperture ±2.5° or less
Compatible Handy-Controller For Setting Optional Functions Using the SF4D-TM1 Communication Module with 'setting software' the following optional functions can be set: Fixed blanking function, floating blanking function, interlock setting function, external device monitoring setting function, auxiliary output setting function, application indicator setting function, muting setting function, override setting function, protect function, cable switching function
Standard Functions Muting (w/12-core cable), interference prevention, test input, interlock (manual/auto reset) (w/12-core cable), lockout release, external device monitor (w/12 or 8-core cable), application indicator, override (w/12-core cable), and power saving.
Muting Muting
Beams 24
Protection Height (mm) 470
Max Operational Range (Meters) 15
Operational Range Details 0.2 to 9 meter (short mode) - 0.8 to 15 meter (long mode)
Protection Type Hand
Beam Pitch 20mm
Min Object Ø25mm
Control Output OSSD1 and OSSD2 NPN/PNP Selectable
Control Output Operation Mode ON when all beams are received, OFF when one or more beams are blocked (Also OFF when internal sensor error or synchronization signal error occurs)
Control Output Response Time OFF response: 10 ms or less (Not connected in series / parallel), 18 ms or less (Connected in series / parallel) (Note 7) ON response: 50 ms or less
Auxiliary Output Non-Safety Type (1ea) NPN/PNP Selectable
Supply Voltage 24VDC
Voltage Details 24 VDC, +20% / -30% Ripple P-P 10 % or less
Temperature –10 to +55 °C
Protection IP67, IP65 (IEC), NEMA Type 13
Construction Enclosure: Aluminum, Detection surface: Polycarbonate resin and stainless steel (SUS304), Upper cap / lower cap: Nylon
Connection Information Select from SFD-CC__ types with bottom cap, then if necessary extension type.
Includes SF4B-TR25 test rod
Associated Mounting Brackets (sold separately) MS-SFD-1-5, MS-SFD-1-6, MS-SFD-1-8, MS-SFD-3-6, MS-SFB-2, MS-SFD,4BG

Panasonic SF4D-H24 - Type 4 Light Curtain - Hand Protection - 20mm Beam Pitch - 470mm Height - 0.8-15 M Range

Category:  SF4D Series Compact & Robust Safety Light Curtains - Type 4 - NEW!
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  • Part Number: SF4D-H24
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